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INAMED is an independent contract research organization with extensive expertise in the area of respiratory and inhalation medicine. We support the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and medical gas industries in finding new ways to develop more effective and comfortable therapies.

We offer a comprehensive and unique services profile, all designed to meet your specific needs.


Tailored phase I / IIa trials

In its ‘respiratory’ Clinical Unit in Munich-Gauting INAMED offers efficacy, safety, BE, PK and PD phase I-IIa trials as well as special services such as feasibility, performance, handling, ease to use, lung deposition or mucociliary clearance trials.

State-of-the-art inhalation rooms which are separated from examination and blood drawing rooms are only one specialty which fulfills the requirements of modern Clinical Units conducting inhalation trials. The in-house ward capacity ranges up to 30 beds. INAMED is able to provide special ‘patient/volunteer’ populations and inhalation trials can be performed with low variability in a low number of subjects.  


INAMED’s Phase II-IV Services

A key factor of successfully carrying out reliable studies is consistency. This not only applies to uncompromising adherence to predefined study protocols, but to the coherence of the team conducting them. The staff at Inamed is a highly stable unit of professionals, the core of which has been working together for over two decades. Clients benefit directly from this highly effective synergy with studies completed on time, within budget and strictly according to relevant guidelines. The Inamed team represents the cream of the crop – with very little rotation.


Mucociliary and alveolar clearance

Do you know the impact of your drug on lung clearance?

Your drugs could have positive or negative effects on lung clearance. We help you to characterize the effects of your drug on the lung clearance function.

  • Short term clearance from conducting airways with radiolabelled test aerosols
  • Long term clearance from the lung periphery using magnetic particles
  • Imaging of intrapulmonary drug distribution using our 2D-graphic gamma camera or 3D gamma camera (SPECT) imaging


NEWS 2015

Meet Inamed’s team at Conferences in June

Munich, June 1, 2015 – Also in June Inamed is participating at several conferences.

38. European Cystic Fibrosis Conference (Brussels, June 10 - 13, 2015)
See our presentation on “Pharmacokinetics of VANTOBRA and TOBI in healthy volunteers” during the PARI evening symposium on June 11, 2015.

DIA, 51th Annual Meeting (Washington DC, June 14-18, 2015)
Meet us at our Booth #529.

Partnering for MedTech & Pharma (Munich-Garching, June 17, 2015)



Inamed Headquarters:

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